Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day Who the Hell Knows and Where the F*ck is my wagon?

So here we are a week or so later and you know what?  Not only did I fall off the wagon, I f*ckin bounced when I hit the ground.  Big Girl Booty jiggled and rolled a few times.  That was some funny stuff.  And you know what, that damn wagon kept going and I have no idea where the hell it is.  Why is it when we say we fell off the wagon, we presume the wagon just stops and waits for us.  Maybe because we presume we are the driver and if we fall off then the horse will stop without the driver.  Except it doesn't really work that way.  Those horses, think "whoohoo freedom" and keep on going.  Which then means we have to catch the damn wagon.  So of course inquisitive me wanted to know where the saying "I fell off the wagon" came from, so here you go.

Back in the wild west days, poeple used to transport wine and liqueur in barrells by horses. One guy would be handeling the horses who is now known as the driver, and another guy would be sitting next to him with a shot gun protecting the goods, (hence, the expression "shotgun") when somebody sitts in the front passenger seat. However, due to the long roads the protector ends up drinking the whole time to make time go by faster. Subsequently, the guy who's been drinking for the last 1700 miles or so gets drunk and fall off the wagon. Hence, the expression:"Falling off the wagon."

So, when somebody says: "i fell off the wagon", it doesn't mean he just started drinking again, it simply means he HAS BEEN drinking for a while. and getting back on the wagon means that he's ok and in a position to be the protector again.

Hmmm....very interesting.  So this means this week I have to catch my wagon and get to protecting my goods (which is little ol' me) again.  So I have to pick myself up, dust myself off and get moving, get eating right and start over.

So what caused my fall?  some stress and pressure i put on myself, the new home, new job, clients, and not feeling well.  i just was not strong enough to not go back to comfort foods.  I was sleeping a lot and not drinking the tea.  A few days I ate very little because I just wasn't hungry.  But I see where I faltered and know how to fix it.  But realistically I will probably falter more times here and there because I am human.  I keep repeating diabetes in my head.

So if you see my wagon or by chance have caught it for me, I will hold out a hand so you can swing me back on.  See that is what I learned is that sometimes I need to ask for help, sometimes I need a hand.  And sometimes I am here to help others.  It is all about balance. It is about ying and yang.

So lets do this!  Lets help each other! Let's let Sunrider and Exercise help others!  Lets be great together.

Big Girl Booty

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