Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 24 - Are you f'in serious, a saying comes to life...Sunrider has an herb for that

First...I am excited because I have another follower.  Yipee!!!

Exhaling loudly.  Wow what a night.  My parents always told me to be careful who my friends are because  the wrong friends will get into trouble and leave me to take the rap.  So of course I have always taught my son that.  Now I am a very involved parent and know the parents of my sons friends and parents of those that are not necessarily friends.  The young men know I can be a very cool parent but also have boundaries, require respect and am not to be messed with.  And I hold others accountable for their actions.  My son knows regardless of friends it is best to not be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people because there are always consequences sooner or later.  Sometimes you just don't know it was the wrong place, at the wrong time with the wrong people.  My son learned this by way of his friends tonight.  So you probably want to know what happened.

Tonight my son comes in to ask if he can get his car washed.  I think to myself and then out loud.  "Why? it might rain so there is no point."  Then he proceeds to tell me that there is still some egg on it.  Um hello can we back up.
"What egg?"
"Well when I was at Larry's* house the other night, some kids teepeed Larry's house and then plastic wrapped my car and egged it.  And my windows were rolled down and some egg got on the inside of my door and on my seat and it really smells now."  
"Um do you know who did this?"
"Yes but I don't want to get them in trouble."
"Well it is either you pay for it or they do and you know I will find out who did it and it won't be good" "Then I will pay for it."
"Okay but it will be about $150 to get it fully cleaned.  You don't have $150 in your account."
"Fine, it was  Bob*, Charlie*, Jarod* and a few others"
Considering I know Bob, Charlie and Jarod you can imagine that didn't bode well with me. "Well then they can pay for it.  I am not paying for the damage.  And if they don't want to take care of it then I will call their parents."  My son is not liking this because teenage life is not easy when you call their friends out on something.
"I know they aren't going to do anything, then they will talk sh*t at school, and I am already pissed because egging is vandalism.  I get the teepee and plastic wrap but egging is going too far.  We did teepee Bob's tree last night to get him back."
"This is not ok.  They are going to have to pay for it.  You can either talk to them or I can talk to their parents."
Now this is the tough part as a parent because you don't want your child to lose friends, you don't want them to take crap at school but you also don't want kids to think they can get away with things like this.

I will spare you the rest of the conversation with one of his friends (who's mother is a friend of our family) which basically came down to me threatening to press charges for vandalism since all of them were willing to admit they were there, were willing to blame two girls they barely knew for the egging but no one wanted to pay to have the car cleaned.  I figured if no one was willing to take responsibility then a little scare would do them good.  Needless to say, the three boys are coming to clean my sons car tomorrow...with a thorough clean.  Now I did explain to Bob that my son basically didn't have a choice not to tell me.  My son knew I would use my resources to find out who did it and it would have been worse for everyone.  This experience showed my son what I had been telling him all along.  Be careful who your friends are.  And what kind of friend lets some girl egg your car?, what kind of friend won't take responsibility?  Bob is learning this lesson as well.

Well this momma bear doesn't take any crap and am not afraid of teenagers.  And I won't pay for something that someone else caused, especially a teenager that needs to learn responsibility.  So yes tomorrow I will be calling the high school this girl attends and will be getting a hold of her parents.

I am glad it wasn't my son having to learn the hard lesson.  But he would be paying to have it cleaned or would be cleaning it and apologizing to his friend and his friends parents if he had done something like this.

This is why parents get anxiety and high blood pressure.  And wouldn't you know, Sunrider has an herb for that!!!!

I have realized through the years of yo-yo dieting and using the weight watchers "if you bite it write it, if you nibble it scribble it", that stress and anxiety are triggers for me to stuff my pie hole with food.  Sometimes without even tasting what I was eating.  I have had to learn to ask myself am I really hungry or just stressed.  This has helped me many times.  It is helpful to determine what your triggers are and having a food journal will help you determine those triggers.  Knowing your triggers will allow you to find a solution to over or under eating (this can cause weight gain as well...a topic for later).  And Sunrider will help bring your body in balance whether you need to lose or gain weight.

I did wonderful with my eating today.

Breakfast:  NuPlus shake with berries and vitafruit and fortune delight.  Calli Tea.

Snack:  Sunbar

Snack:  NuPlus shake with berries, vitafruit and fortune delight.  Calli Tea.  20 minutes before lunch.

Lunch:  lettuce, edamame, crumbled rice and bean chips, tomato, steamed veggies, miso dressing

Snack:  Sunbar

Snack:  NuPlus shake with berries, vitafruit and fortune delight.  Calli Tea.

Dinner:  Tilapia, asparagus, teeny bit of potatoes, eggplant, garbanzo beans

Metashapers, metaboosters, action tabs, quinary

*Names have been changed to protect those involved.


Top® is an herbal concentrate that is designed to nourish the body, and promote mental clarity and a sense of well being.* The choicest herbs are harvested when their active components are at their peak, and we never use cheap herbs or commingle related species.

Top® is exclusively formulated with owner expertise and based on the Philosophy of Regeneration. Manufactured in Sunrider's own state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure quality control and potency.
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